30 Day Writing Challenge

Hello, everyone!

This is Alyssa, and I’m speaking for both of us here, but we’re so glad you’re here! Over the next 30 days, Liz and I are going to write EVERY day for 30 days. We both love to write (read more about that here) and want to get better at it. Better at the whole words putting into sentences thing.

Because we’re Type A planners, we’ve put together a list of prompts to help us out because this challenge is going to be… well, a challenge. Here’s the list, so you can keep up if you’d like:

  1. Something with which you struggle
  2. Make a list of 30 things that make you smile
  3. Something that is part of your routine that you enjoy
  4. Something in life that gives you balance
  5. Discuss some of the things on your bucket list
  6. Write about your best friend (not significant other) and what makes them special
  7. Something that shook your belief system to the core (a big disappointment in your life)
  8. Discuss a spontaneous moment in your life that turned out to be fantastic
  9. Your favorite moment of the day and your least favorite moment of the day
  10. Discuss something you planned that ended up not being what you expected
  11. If I could talk to my teenage self, I would say….
  12. Name what is enough for you
  13. What always brings tears to your eyes?
  14. Write about your first love – whether a person, place or thing
  15. “Write a list of questions to which you urgently need answers”
  16. What’s surprised you most about your life or life in general?
  17. Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to.
  18. Make a list of everything you’d like to say yes to.
  19. Name three places that make you feel whole
  20. A band/musical artist whose music impacted your life
  21. Discuss your favorite movie and why it’s so important to you
  22. Write the words you need to hear
  23. List your greatest comforts
  24. Write a letter to someone who pisses you off on a regular basis
  25. Write about your most prized possession.
  26. 3 things you need to stop doing.IMG_6827
  27. Describe a tradition you have (family, holiday, personal, etc…) and why it’s important to you
  28. 10 things you’re grateful for
  29. Something you regret not having done last year
  30. Write a letter to yourself

We can’t wait to go on this journey with you! And if you’re so inclined, feel free to find out more about us at our own individual blogs. (Links are up top)

Talk soon!

Liz and Alyssa


Author: Alyssa Wilkinson

Florida native and life long transplant, Alyssa Wilkinson has lived in Delaware for the past four years of her young adult life. If your first thought in hearing that was, "Dela-where?!"- don't worry- you are not alone. In addition to working two jobs, Alyssa enjoys reading, writing, being outdoors, Oreos (double stuffed only), coffee, using hashtags, and loving on people.

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